Monday, April 23, 2012


It's Spring Break from school here this week and so the grandkids are here for babysitting servicesJ    As usual, they both wanted to do "some science."  I've posted about some science experiments we've tried here and here and here. 

Today we tried ELEPHANT  TOOTHPASTE.  We didn't have the right type of hydrogen peroxide…I only had the drugstore variety but for a really big effect you need 20% which can be purchased at a beauty supply store.  However, the experiment still worked on a smaller scale and both grands were happy with it as you can see….

Here is the "recipe":

16 oz. empty plastic soda bottle (narrow necks like Coca-Cola are best)

½ cup 20-volume hydrogen peroxide

a squirt of DAWN dish detergent

3-4 drops of food coloring

1 tsp. dry yeast dissolved in approximately 2 TBSP. very warm water

a funnel

a large pan with 2-inch sides

*safety glasses and lab smock are recommended (but we didn't have these; used aprons instead and there were no problems for us)

*Stand the bottle in the center of the pan.  Place funnel in bottle opening. 

*Measure the peroxide and add 3 to 4 drops of food coloring; pour this into the bottle.

*Squirt in just a little DAWN.

*Dissolve the yeast in warm water.  Pour into bottle and quickly remove funnel.  (The weaker peroxide does not react as fast so give it a minute.)

How does it work?  The addition of the yeast acts as a catalyst which makes the peroxide molecules release oxygen atoms…or something like that! 

This is a safe solution (using the drugstore brand) so the kids can "play" in it with their hands but certainly caution them not to taste it!  As always, my two wanted to "do more" so we made different colors and swished them all together.  All in all, it was another fun science adventure.  My hope is that I am encouraging them both to be interested in all the wonders of science and that they will always want to know more.

And then….we had another fun thing happen today….

This is our backyard pond.  We counted 8 babies and 4 adults.  They've been eating our grass all day.  Hope they leave some for my yard! 

Isn't Spring a grand time of year? 


  1. You're the best baby sitter ever!! Daddy is not going to like those geese for very long!

  2. Girl, I bet they are loving visiting with you:) Enjoy the week, I know they will! HUGS!

  3. What a fun idea and thanks for the recipe. I would love a backyard pond but not the geese...they are fun to look at but I think they are messy. I do hope you have a fun Spring break! Your Grandkiddos are cute and they look like they're having a great time.

  4. Aren't grandkids fun? My grandparents never did things like that with me! Have fun with them!

  5. How cool is that Cheri! I bet they think your the coolest Grandma around!
    Love the geese and pond pic too, my parents used to have geese and they liked to chase us kids around the yard.
    Needless to say, I wasn't a big fan of them!

  6. They looked like they were having a great time! YOu are such a good Grandma. Seemed I was always working when my little grands were small..and they grow fast! I do have some wonderful memories though..
    The geese are wonderful..tiny babies! Awwww...

  7. You're an awesome grandma. Daughter wants us to keep 2 grandsons (7 & 6) for a week or two this summer. I just don't think I have the energy to do it. (or the patience)

    Love that you're having fun with them and they're learning something at the same time.

  8. Oh the memories you are making! So much fun!

  9. I like that experiment. I enjoyed my chem labs better than the classes throughout my educational period of life

  10. Hi Cheri: I'm now following you also. How much fun is that being able to teach and play at the same time with your grandkids. My time has come and gone, I'm afraid, since mine is 18 now. He's still so much fun to be around but I'm sure he'd rather be with his girl friend than Grandma and Grandpa, although in my heart I know that's not true. I'm looking forward to reading more about you. Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. Hello
    Cheri's Chatter
    Good way of describing it. Good to see such a talent at work!
    Many thanks once more

  12. I love following along with the experiments. We need to do more experimenting as adults. Your grands are so lucky to have you!

  13. Hey,
    Cheri's Chatter
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think that beauty radiates from you to write such a magnificent article! Keep it up.

  14. I really admire your wonderful life. Being married for 40 years is really a big and meaningful accomplishment in life. Not everybody can have a wonderful marriage and family like you have. You must have been a good person for being blessed and loved by Him. Keep it up being a young at heart!


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