Sunday, March 20, 2011


Our small southern town has two claims to fame:
1.  it was created as a community for Civil War veterans where both Yanks and Rebs lived together peacefully

2.  we have wild chickens running rampart in our streets

I’ll post another time about the founding of our little rural area , but this weekend the CHICKENS took precedent as we celebrated our annual
WILD CHICKEN FESTIVAL.  We really do have chickens running down Main St. as well as most other areas of town.  We never know when we’ll look out our window and see them scratching in the flower beds.  Local citizens either LOVE them or HATE them.  They are both BEAUTIFUL and a NUISANCE.  But love or hate we all enjoy our little festival.

This year things started off on Friday night with a CONCERT and street dance by a band that my hubby and I used to love when we were in college.  They are a “wee bit” older now but THE BUSHMEN still sound great!  Then on Saturday downtown was filled with vendors selling their wares, lots of yummy food, a rock climbing wall, bungee jumping, and train and pony rides for the kids.  The weather was beautiful and our local population multiplied many times over.

This guy was the Chicken Man
He told us more information about chickens than you'd ever want to know!

Lots of cute animals for the kids to pet

Bloomin' Onions....yum, yum

REAL Potato Chips...these don't come in a bag!

The highlight of the weekend is always the same...
                                                      PARACHUTE JUMPERS. 

 Our local airfield is the weekend home of these club members who come each year to enjoy our southern climate as they jump out of airplanes that fly overhead all weekend.  For about $189 local citizens can also jump out of the plane attached to one of the club members....NO, I was not one of them.  Not only because I have better things to do with $189 but also because you won’t ever catch this old gal jumping out of any type of aircraft...unless it’s firmly planted on the ground!  It is fun though to watch!  They tried for the World’s Record this weekend for the most skydivers linking up together.  We haven’t heard yet if they made it.
Where are they?

She loves to pose!

We don’t get much excitement around here so the festival is always a welcomed event.  Funny thing, however....during the festival that celebrates them... all the CHICKENS take cover and are nowhere to be seen.  I promise you though that if you come for a visit, as my friend Jackie did, I’ll drive you around town and we’ll find more than a few.  We might even have to stop in the middle of the street to let a Mama and her Chicks pass by.  Ya’ll come on down now, ya hear!

The end of a beautiful spring day in the South


  1. Oh what a wonderful weekend of FUN!!!!!! Wish I could have participated in the festivities! FOOD LOOKS YUMMY:) Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

  2. It's nice not to have to travel too far for some good eats, entertainment and cute subjects for pics! Hey, do you get eggs too? That would be a nice benefit to find a few in the flower beds! Glad you had a great weekend with nice weather. We did too for a change!

  3. There are times I miss Fitz such as seeing these wonderful pictures of the festival, but I really miss the Rattlesnake Roundup and the fun we used to have at it.

  4. I bet you all have fun the whole day! The parachute jumper sure looks thrilling and exciting!

  5. Oh what a fun time...I wanna come!!! Thanks for sharin' with your beautiful pictures.

    In the little town I grew up in we had the Black Walnut Festival where every gal dreamed of bein' crowned Miss Black Walnut. :o)

    I just wanted to thank you for your visit and sweet comment over at my place.

    God bless ya and enjoy your day sweetie!!!

  6. That looks like so much fun Cheri! I think it is so cool that you have chickens running around town! That rooster one is a beauty!
    I would love to visit your little town someday!
    It looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I love a good festival! Looks like y'all had a good time!

  8. This festival looks like a lot of fun! Love all the chickens wandering around...

  9. Great story. Reminds me of the Sardine Festival in Aberdeen NC. My husband's brother-in-law was the founder of the festival and died last year. I believe it is held in October.

  10. Oh What fun! Looks like everyone had a great time and the food looked YUMMY.,

    Enjoy your day

  11. ahhh, first of all, you and your sweetie are sooo cute!!:)
    And, I can't even imagine wild chickens running around every where. Don't they just poop on EVERYthing? :)) Bet they are all fun, tho.
    So glad you had a good time...I love festivals like this.

  12. Well..if that wasn't the most different post..and one of the cutest...I mean, chickens! Tell those that "hate" it that at least your town will never go hungry! :) Ok..I'm teasing of course..but in a way it's sort of true.
    Those children are adorable!

  13. I can't believe I missed the festival this year! You know I really wanted to be there, but hopefully next year will be my turn to celebrate the chickens of Fitzgerald. lol.

    It is the history of the town that I find so intriguing; it teaches such a valuable lesson that we all could benefit from. I will be up there, I would love to do a post and my own family ties to your town.

    Thanks for posting pics! Next year for sure!

  14. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to apologize. I did not realize that ya'll could not see the pix in my last post. I've reposted usin' Photobucket so hop on over if ya get a chance.

    God bless and enjoy your day sweetie!!!

  15. Hi Cheri! I didn't know about the wild chickens or the Yankees and Rebs retired together! In fact, I don't think I have been to your town since I lived in south GA and went to a Tams concert 10,000 years ago! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  16. Poultrypalace.netWednesday, July 06, 2011

    That was great that you saw the Chickenman. This is the only photo I have seen of him at this year's event. Thanks for posting it. He works hard to put on the show! Thanks, from the Chickenlady!


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