Saturday, February 12, 2011


I adore LOVE  LETTERS!  I met my husband in high school when we both transferred to a new school in 9th grade.  These are NOTES that he passed to me during many classes...when we should have been paying attention to our teachers:)  Love the way he folded them!  I’ve kept them all these years in this little wooden box.

In 1971, a year after we were married, my DH was sent to National Guard training camp many states away.  I only saw him once in four months.  However, we kept the mailman busy with LOVE LETTERS back and forth several times a week.  I still have all the ones we each wrote to the other.  Just can’t bare to part with them.  Every few years I take them out and read them and fall in love with him all over again. 

 (Did you notice the 11 cents stamp?)

I tend to be a pack rat with anything that is sentimental.  In this other little wooden box that my father brought back to me from one of his trips when I was a little girl, I still keep the box that held my engagement ring and the orchid that was part of my bouquet in our wedding.

My DH is also wonderful with cards.  He has this uncanny talent of choosing the most perfect card for my birthday, our anniversary, or Valentines Day.  It’s as if the card was written just for us. 

This one he gave me before we were ever even’s huge.   I think I’ve kept every card he’s ever given me.

People don’t write letters of any kind much anymore due to email and cell phones, but to me there is something so special about a handwritten letter.  And a LOVE LETTER written in the hand of one you love is absolutely the best.

DH asked me this week what I wanted for VALENTINES DAY.  Although I always love his beautiful cards, a LOVE LETTER would be even better.
Instead of giving your Sweetie a card or gift this year, why not write a LOVE LETTER instead?  We can never hear I LOVE YOU too much.

Hope all of you have a lovely and sweet VALENTINES DAY...share some love with someone special.      And to the wonderful man I married...HAPPY VALENTINES are the best husband in the world and I am so blessed to be married to you. 


  1. Oh Cheri ~ how precious!!!

    I'm the same way ~ very sentimental. My house is going to collapse from the weight of all the things I've saved through the years. Some of my most precious possessions though are notes that were written to me throughout the years.

    Have a wonderful valentines day!

  2. How sweet and special all those notes are. Please don't destroy them...ever! Have you thought about getting them printed and put in a book..maybe with pictures of you both during those times? I bet your kiddos would love having them. I want my Mom to have the wonderful love letters my Dad sent to her during WWII printed and saved. They are wonderful and also a peice of history. Have a wonderful Valentines day..looks like won't be hard!

  3. SA-WEET! I love cards, my husband ALWAYS gives me THREE for every occasion! TWO serious and ONE funny one! I love what he writes on the bottom, always makes me smile! Love letter are not something folks do much anymore but they sure are sweet! I agree, a love letter is much better than a gift!

    Have a blessed day dear Cheri!


  4. Cheryl..I met my hubbie in college..notes were passed there also..then he left me and went home...the love letters began arriving at school.I was amazed!!He even had little codes all over them..S.W.A.K..ect...I have kept everyone also in my little Lane keepsake box.
    The cards I keep in a for all occasions..most romantic and some just funny. I do love these..and I too once a year get them out and read them and swoon all over for this man!!
    Happy Valentines Day Friend..Cindy

  5. That is just too precious! What treasures.


  6. Don't you just love all the love that has been shared through those precious notes and cards! The notes from HS are the best!!!

  7. I have a dresser drawer of similar things that I dig through on occasion and usually end up in tears - mostly good. You are fortunate to have such a loving hubby. Happy Valentines Day.

  8. What a sweet post. I have all my husband's letters too. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day together and that you continue to feel better.

  9. That's so sweet! Both your love letters and his cards to you. Think you've got a winner there!

  10. a very beautiful post to have those letters are treasures thanks for sharing your story. rose

  11. I've saved every card for the last 36 years! LOL! I just can't part with them, in fact if you read through them you can almost tell what was going on in our lives at the time.

    I love that you saved your love notes and letters. Priceless treasures!


    I wish that you had won my giveaway too. I'll be announcing a new one soon. So keep trying.

  12. Oh Cheri, how sweet! I too have kept all of my husbands letters and cards. Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well but glad to hear that you're on our way to recovery. I've enjoyed you blog and have become one of your newest followers. Thanks for sharing such a sweet post.

    Enjoy your evening and Happy Valentine's Day.


  13. Hi Cheri!

    That is the sweetest thing ever! My parents also shared "love" letters in High School. I have some of those letters. I can't think of a greater treasure. Thanks for sharing. I love your post.
    Happy Valentines!
    Love, Brenda
    Thanks for entering the Mother/Daughter Giveaway! Best of luck to you!

  14. Cheri,
    I just loved this post! You and your husband have a wonderful love story...thanks for sharing. The wooden box containing all of the notes you passed to each other in school is such a can just pull one out when you're feeling blue and remember how much you are loved. What a lucky girl!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  15. Happy Valentine's day to you both. I have all the letters My husband wrote to me and earlier cards. I do have the first Xmas present he gave me, too.

  16. OH I love that Cheri!
    And that you kept all those letters is so super wonderful!
    I agree, a written love letter is one of the greatest gifts of all!
    Thanks for sharing this sweet post!

  17. This is incredibly sweet, Cheri...what wonderful keepsakes!

  18. It is so sweet that you kept all those notes he wrote you in school. He sounds like a keeper.

  19. What wonderful mementos you have kept!
    I hope you are feeling better.
    Is everything OK?

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  20. Honestly, this post brought a tear to my eye, it is truly the sweetest Valentine post in all of Blogland. What great memories to have and share with future generations. I kept all my personal letters from my parents and I love to pull them out and reread them. They would send me recipes and articles cut from the paper they thought would interest me. As the genealogist of the family, the best things I come across are letters and notes written to other family members.

    And writing love letters instead of buying a card? I say yes, yes, YES! A number of years ago I wrote the story of the day my granddaughter was born. I folded it up and placed it in a beautiful silver trunk ornament I found at Hallmark and gave it to her for Christmas. I know it doesn't mean as much to her right now (she's almost 20), but I do believe she will treasure it in the future.

    Lovely post! Hugs to you my dear, sweet friend for being a hopeless romantic and saving all these notes and letters.

  21. So cute!!! Oh Uncle Johnny has a little romantic side! So sweet. I keep all the cards and letters Josh sent me while I was at Auburn. Once, maybe twice, a month is way better than once every four months... but you miss them so much while time is going by!


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