Friday, November 26, 2010

More Christmas Decor

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my GINGERBREAD Christmas kitchen (in my last post).  Now I'll share more of my 6-day decorating blitz!

Our second tree is at the opposite end of the den from our big family tree.  It's just a little 4' tree and is decorated with SNOWMEN ornaments.  I had received many snowmen through the years from students and so decided to let them have their own tree!  Various snowmen decorations adorn the rest of this part of the room. 

                      This one was made by my son many years ago:)

The third tree goes in my husband's office and I decorate it with hunting ornaments to reflect his favorite hobby.  It's the only tree that gets multi-colored lights.  I think the ornaments made from shotgun shells are really cute...these were bought at a nearby craft festival. 

Even his deer trophies get dressed up for the holidays:)
I'll save the big family tree for another post but here are just some random pics of other decorations around the house.

 This antique clock was a gift from my stepfather many years ago.
I love it and I miss him very much.

 This antique hall tree belonged to my husband's maternal grandmother.
Every year when he was growing up he would sit on the bench and open up his Christmas gifts.

                                   The grandkids love the life-size Santa.
                  He gets tossed around and played with a lot!

Sometimes I ask myself why I do so much decorating for just a few short weeks of time.  But then my husband tells me how much he enjoys it and I see the excitement from the grandkids and I know all my hard work was more than worth it!


  1. Those shotgun shell ornaments are adorable! I'm not a hunter but I imagine those little ornaments made hunter husband very happy!!

  2. Love the hunting tree and the snowman tree! It is all a lot of work for others to enjoy and that is why we do it! Enjoy your evening my friend! Kick you feet up and enjoy all of the Christmas lights! HUGS!

  3. Cheri... we haven't been on the same clock for a while , hope you are having a lovely holiday. Canadian Thanksgiving is in Oct, but, even as an immigrant, it is my favorite holiday.

  4. That hunting tree is so unique Cheri!
    And of course I love the snowman tree!
    You've done such a great job, can't wait to see that big tree too!
    p.s. I started my kind of gingerbread tree today!

  5. It is a ton of work and I'll be starting on mine on Sunday, but your home looks adorable and as long as you and your family enjoy it, keep it up! My Grandkids would be disappointed if I didn't decorate as much...Love the life size Santa..I collect Santas!

  6. OMG...I thought I put up a lot of trees....YOU have me beat!!! BIG TIME! I love the themes you use...especially that cute gingerbread tree in your kitchen (I think that was on a previous post). Since I make and sell seasonal decor items at local sales and shops, I LOVE it that you are out there patronizing those sales and buying "handmade", too!!

    Lucky husband used to hunt, but over the last few years, he's sorta NOT. I enjoyed my alone time while he was out with his buddies/and our son in search of the pesky quail and deer (ESPECIALLY the deer!!....they are dangerous this time of the year...lots of car/deer accidents). Our son lost his interest in hunting and so did the hubs. l lost my "alone" time! :) Oh, was good while it lasted!!

    I think it's great that you put up so many decorations....I know your family really appreciates your hard work!!


  7. You go all out in decorating...I guess i do too. Yesterday I spent all a fternoon decorating and was soooo glad when it was done! My back hurts today from trips to the attic lol! Getting old. ~and sent 6 small boxes of things to my daughters for her first Christmas as a family. Love that you even decorate the deer antlers!!!

  8. o, everything looks so pretty and so festive.
    I don't decorate too much. For one thing, by the time I get 18 christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care, I don't really need much else than our tree. :)


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