Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

After 6 grueling days of decorating, my house is now ready for the Christmas holidays:)  Yes, I began before Thanksgiving and I make no apologies.  My husband and son always go to Kansas for some pheasant hunting and male bonding right before Turkey Day so while they are gone I spend my time getting the house ready and the time flies...I hardly have time to miss them.  Plus everything looks really festive to welcome my guys home!

J (my husband) says if it stays still long enough I'll decorate it, which is probably true.  Since I have so many pictures to show you I think I'll do this in several posts.  Let's start with the kitchen...

I always begin with the kitchen because that's where my favorite tree will be.  I use a gingerbread man (and girl) theme and decorate my tree with gingerbread characters, apples, and cookie cutters.  I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and the cheery faces of all these little guys and gals just make me happy.  These photos don't really do it justice, but I love my kitchen during the holidays!

Many of my ornaments are handmade.  I like to buy at least one new one each year.

This little lady was bought a few years ago at the CALICO ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL...they have so many cute things there.  When I saw her I knew she had to come home with me.
These sweet ragdolls were from Hallmark awhile back.  Each year they sit in this little red rocker that belonged to my husband when he was a toddler.  It still has the original paint and I love it!

The table stays set since it's just the two of us and we eat our meals at the center island.  I think my Christmas china pattern 'TIS THE SEASON has been discontinued:(  The green glasses belonged to my husband's grandmother.  They have an etched "L" on each one.  For years I thought it stood for our last name...then I found they were actually giveaways in Lipton tea many years ago:)  Today I have seen them sell in antique malls for as much as $35-$40 per stem.  I am blessed with 8 of them.

Here are other areas of the kitchen, all decked out in gingerbread cuteness...

Remember my Santa Cans in my last post?

Grandson R likes to keep up with the days till Christmas....he's a few days behind...

The days will go by all too fast and then it will be time to put away all the lights, glitter, and decorations for another year.  Until then I hope to spend a little time here...

Maybe I'll finally get around to reading that book my husband gave me last Christmas!  Come back in a day or two and I'll show you trees #2 and #3...and that's not even all of them!  Happy Decorating, everybody!


  1. OH MY..I want your Kitchen..this reminds me of my old kitchen before I packed it all up..awww..yes sirre we could be good friends..we would fight over the same decorations at Christmas at a craft sale!!!!

    Hope you have a blessed day tomorrow..Hugs and squeezes..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Oh my -- everything looks so wonderful. You can always tell when someone loves doing something because they're so good at it. You obviously LOVE to decorate! I love your style!

  3. Wow! I love the gingerbread people!!!! Can't wait to see more of your trees.

    Love the green glassware and they are PERFECT for iced tea. That's a great story.

  4. What a fun kitchen you have. I teach too. I have 5/6th grades this year.

    Hope you enjoy your kitchen.

  5. Wow, you are wonder woman! The kitchen looks adorable and the gingerbread men and women are so cute...I love the tree! I'll be getting the house decked out after all the family heads home after Turkey day..enjoy Thanksgiving and take 5 to read that book!

  6. Oh Cheri!!! Beautiful - Beautiful - Beautiful!!! Just looking at your kitchen puts me in the holiday spirit - not kidding in the least!! Until reading your post I was actually dreading it - now I feel a little twinkle of excitement at decorating the trees. I put up several also - my kitchen tree is very small (no room for a big one). I CANNOT WAIT to see the rest of your decorations.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Girl, you are really getting a jump on the rest of us! I will start decorating TOMORROW! My husband will go up and down the attic stairs, asking "are you gonna use this" a hundred times:) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day dear friend! Many hugs and blessings to you and your family!


    I bet all your grand children will have great memories of grandma's Christmas.

  9. You do a great job.It looks wonderful.I love you>

  10. Everything looks so cute,warm and cozy!! I would LOVE to get my decorating done early...have a house full today though so no can do. Getting it done early allows you more time to enjoy it and not have to ruch...great job!!

  11. Hi Cheri,
    What a cute, cute kitchen! Usually my kitchen is the first, but this year I started in the other part of the house... I know you'll have lots of fun in that kitchen baking and playing with the grandchildren! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. These are beautiful Christmas decors. Belated Happy Thanksgiving and advance Merry Christmas.

  13. SQUEAL!!!
    I just love this so much Cheri!!
    Homey, charming, beautiful!!!
    This is just the style I love!
    You made me so happy with this post! So happy I am running to a store in search of more gingerbread thingies!!
    Can I copy?
    Hugs Friend,

  14. It's awesome! My kitchen (and gingerbread tree) are a lot smaller than yours. I'm sorta at max to buy any more decorations and it's soooo hard to quit! I've enjoyed all of your trees.

  15. I heard about your gingerbread tree from Cindy at Applestone Cottage and had to come take a peek..and she was right. It is adorable! I have a kitchen Christmas tree but it doesn't hold a candle to yours... :)
    While I am here...hello and welcome to the world of blogging! It looks as though you are doing wonderfully! Enjoy!

  16. I decorate my kitchen with a gingerbread theme too! I love your kitchen. So many pretty things to look at!

    I've been catching up and I like your other trees too. The pickle hunting looks like a fun game. I love the old handmade ornaments and the sweet ones from your first years as young marrieds.


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