Tuesday, April 6, 2021



Short answer:  not much!!!

I’m still around even though I am behind in posting.  Seems like lately I’ve been BUSY doing much of NOTHING.  (Is that what’s called an oxymoron???)

I’d love to say I’ve been busy writing a great novel...or painting the next great portrait (can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler)...or composing a lovely song (can’t sing worth a toot either)...or at least redecorating my whole house....BUT I haven’t accomplished any of these things.
  However, here are some things I have accomplished recently:

*finished this wonderful book


*helped organize and carry out our annual Easter Egg Hunt at church

*cooked a big Easter meal for my family


*took 3 cute teenage girls shopping (so fun!)

*the usual weekly this


My word of the year is ADVENTURE...but that ain’t happnin’ right now!!!  BUT...I’m thankful for each and every day.

Hope I'll be back soon with something much more exciting...or at least interesting!!!


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  2. Sounds like you have busy to me lady. Girl, if you are like me, I tend to be much slower these days getting anything accomplished. I was late getting my weekly post out this week as I have been busy but a good busy. Making up for it now though cause I've been dragging. LOL! Hoping your week is going well lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I feel like I'm just waiting for something to happen! My broken wrist has put a damper on my getting things done. But hopefully I'll be back in action soon. You are busy doing good things like reading and serving in your church and spending time with family. I'm sure good adventures will happen as the Summer season arrives. Take care!

  4. What you have been doing, is called LIFE. It's what each of us does, every day. So it is fine, for posting.

    Why do people think they have to have something Super-Wonderful, to post about? Every day, each of us lives. We do things. What is the matter, with posting that? Often? -smile-

    thank you for the reading suggestion, and shopping with those teens, must have been a Super Fun Event.


  5. Sounds like a happy life to me. Enjoy!

  6. Sometimes nothing is just wonderful!! Enjoy your springtime!

  7. Girl I hear you! I have been busy too. But you've been shopping and cooking and reading, so it's truly ALL good! Hope your Easter was wonderful. xoxo


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