Friday, November 8, 2019

I’m Seeing STARS…I mean DOTS!


Yes, I do!  I love, love, love POLKA DOTS!  Today I was pulling out some winter clothes (we have cold weather coming this weekend), and there was my favorite POLKA DOT sweater😊  And that got me to seeing stars dots.

Also got me to wondering about how POLKA DOTS came to be.  Well, seems they have their origin based on the dance, the POLKA.  I know…weird!  I won’t go into a long explanation but you can read more about this at this blog.

It seems the women’s magazine GODEY’S LADY’S BOOK was the first to use the term “POLKA DOTS” in regards to a scarf in its 1857 issue.  But this photo of Miss America 1926 seems to get the credit for making the loveable dots popular in the USA.  (Wow!  How “bathing suits” have changed over the decades!!!)

I’m sure Marilyn helped popularize this pattern too!

Seeing my POLKA DOT sweater gave me the idea to visit Mr. Google and see what new DOTTED DELIGHTS I could find.  And just in case you like this often-adored pattern, I thought I would share with you what I found…and drooled over:)

This black & white POLKA DOT sweater is very much like the sweater I purchased last year from OLD NAVY…except mine is navy.  Black & White POLKA DOTS are probably my favorite.

Here is a similar one only with bigger dots

And look who’s wearing a similar one (probably a LOT more expensive!)
Getty Images
My second favorite combination is probably RED & WHITE.  Isn’t this purse just the cutest?  It’s on ebay…used but seems to be in good shape and it’s a good brand.

My favorite way to wear POLKA DOTS is….SHOES!  Oh, how I love shoes….and  POLKA DOTTEones just make my feet want to do a happy dance! 

I love these heels.  I have similar ones…of course, I do😊

My granddaughter is a great fan of VANS…me, not so much.  But these I could probably live with.

And if you and your daughter are into dressing alike, wouldn’t these be just too cute…and comfortable!

I love rain boots!  Hubby gave me some awhile back that have CHERRIES on them and I love them so much I don’t even mind a rainy day!  But I would also be very happy with these….

Or these…

Although this maxi dress is much too young for this old body, it is really cute and on sale for only $14…I do love a bargain!

These would make traveling an even happier experience…

And!  If you have a sweet doggie that needs something to wear on a cold winter day, then she (or he) really needs this!!!

 Speaking of cold winter days, who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in one of these adorable cups????

Well, I guess that’s enough POLKA DOTTED goodness for now.  Except I can’t end this post without sharing probably one of my all-time favorite POLKA DOTTED outfits seen in one of my all-time favorite movies…PRETTY WOMAN.  Who doesn’t swoon over a Cinderella story?

So…are you a lover of POLKA DOTS like me?   Even the QUEEN likes them...just sayin'!


  1. FUN!!

    Love the Queen's outfit there. I read she wears bright colors like that so people will be able to see her in a crowd.

    1. What? Does she think nobody would recognize her face??? Can you imagine how much she spends every year on outfits with hats to match????

  2. I also love polka dots! And I have a few B&W sweaters! They dots always grab my attention, just like checks do !!

    1. Awhile back I wrote a post on my love of gingham checks!!!! Hard choice between which one I would like best! Love them both. Just so fun to wear:)

  3. Oh, I do love polka dots as well and really like those coffee cups and saucers. So cute!

    1. I love those cups too. Wish they sold them separately! I don't need 4, but would sure enjoy an early morning cup of joe in a polka dotted mug:)

  4. I enjoy dots too! I have a cute pair of navy flats with white polka dots and I love them. I was cleaning out my closet for goodwill and found lots of dots to send out!

  5. Wish I lived near your Goodwill...I'd probably go buy everything you are donating:) Your shoes sound absolutely adorable!!! If they are 6 1/2 and you decide to get rid of them, I will gladly be your Goodwill:)

  6. These are great fun, cheri. I adore polka dots too -- they just make me happy!

    1. I very much agree:) Thanks so much for dropping by!

  7. I love polka dots! When getting dressed for Church yesterday I found a new blue and white polka dot scarf that I will wear soon! Love the red and white polka dots best of all:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. I love scarves! I actually have some very "dated" ones that belonged to my MIL. Evidently she liked scarves too:)


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