Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bird  Watching 

If I were a bird, I'd sing a song

And fly about the whole day long.

And when the night came,

Go to rest, up in my cozy little nest.

---nursery  rhyme

I just looked out our back windows on this rainy, cold winter morning and smiled when I saw 5 male cardinals enjoying a snack of sunflower seeds.  My hsband loves to feed the birds and watch as they devour the seeds from our three feeders.  There are other types of birds there too, but the bright red feathers of the cardinals just stand out and lend a bright spot to an otherwise dreary day!

Birds certainly add a lot of beauty to our world.  Look at the colors of these sweet creatures:

And what about these gorgeous feathers?

Definitely beauty personified.

I've been noticing birds in a lot of decor and craft items lately.  Is there a trend I've been missing out on?  I may have to set up a new Pinterest board:  Birds for Other Things Besides Watching & Feeding!

Wouldn't this be lovely on a spring mantle or as a centerpiece for an Easter dinner?

Look what this crafty blogger made from Dollar Tree birds!

And this blue chest is just too, too sweet...wish I could paint like that!

I love this...and it could be easily made.

But these???  These may be taking it a little too far!  (Really?? a good idea??)
Have you guessed what it is???  (smoke detector)

Pinterest has many, many cute crafts that involve birds, owls, and chickens.  These look easy enough to make.

bookmarks/flickr image

pinterest board

Who wouldn't love some cute blue bird cookies? 
My sister-in-law and niece could certainly whip these out in a skinny minute!  They have their own cookie business and they are absolutely amazing!  Check out their etsy shop for all your cookie needs for baby showers, birthday parties, wedding favors, and anything else that will meet your cookie needs.

Birds certainly add beauty to our world through their bright colors and beautiful songs.  God knew we needed some little bright spots in a world that can sometimes seem harsh and he knew we needed reminders like this:

I heard a bird sing
in the dark of December
A magical thing
and sweet to remember;
"We are nearer to spring
Than we were in September,"
I heard a little bird sing
In the dark of December
--Oliver Herford
Even on a dreary rainy day like today, a little bird can bring out the sunshine.
Hang in there...because a little bird told me it would be Spring soon!

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  1. I love watching the birds too:) ALL of these pictures are SO pretty. I see crafts with birds lately too. I think we should get our craft supplies out and make something with birds! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!


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