Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Coconut Pie, Pecan Pie....but TOMATO PIE?
I had never heard of Tomato Pie until a few years ago when I had it at a local restaurant.  I actually forgot about it until awhile back I came across the recipe in a copy of THE BEST OF GEORGIA FARMS COOKBOOK.  Well, since Georgia is my state and I know there are a lot of wonderful farmers and cooks here, I knew I had to try it.  So glad I did!  It's not only very yummy but also "easy as pie" to make (no pun intended).  My husband now loves it and even my daughter-in-law (who doesn't really cook) asked me for the recipe today.  Thought I would share the recipe.  Of course, Georgia-grown tomatoes are the BEST, I'm sure, but hopefully your state has some delicious ones around too.


I borrowed this picture from


 1 9-inch deep dish frozen pie shell
1 cup grated Cheddar cheese (mild or sharp, your taste)
3 medium, ripe tomatoes, sliced
6 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 cup mayonnaise

*I have actually made it for just my husband and me by using a regular pie shell, fewer tomatoes, and cut back a little on the cheese and mayo.  I like lots of bacon though!

Bake pie shell following pkg. directions. 
Preheat oven to 350.      Place tomatoes in bottom of cooked pie shell; top with
crumbled bacon.  Combine cheese & mayo; spoon evenly over tomatoes.  Bake 35-40 minutes.


A good old Southern recipe....enjoy!


  1. Sounds like something we would love at my house! I will keep this recipe for when I have plenty of vine-ripe tomatoes! Have a blessed evening dear Cheri, HUGS!

  2. I am so mad!!! Blogger took away my blog design evidently. I have spent all night trying to get it back or try something different! I'm not happy with the looks but not smart enough to figure it all out again!!!! I tried going to the site you use for your background but I could never get it to download on my blog. Don't know why!!! Thanks for visiting.


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