Friday, January 20, 2012


I've recently read several blog posts with titles such as MY FAVORITE THINGS.  It's amazing…and interesting…to see what people like (and don't like).  Since I'm having trouble thinking of anything sensational to write about, I'm going to steal this idea. 


For the past two years I have ordered a large number of Christmas presents from Amazon.  Why?  I don't have to fight the crowds, shipping is often FREE (another thing I love), more often than not they have either better or comparable prices.  And…NO, I am not being compensated by Amazon.

You probably already know about Pinterest…I'm usually the last person to know about anything!  I have recently fallen head-over-hills in love with it.  If you by some twist of fate haven't jumped on the bandwagon, then take my word for it and JUMP!  I have found so many recipes, craft ideas, cute photos, etc., etc.  One problem though….it's ADDICTIVE and I spend way too much time over there!

  So  You  Think  You  Can  DANCE!

I am a fanatic about this show!  I took years of dancing as a child with the intention of becoming the next ROCKETTE when I grew up!  These dancers are awesomely talented.  (And, NO, I never became one of the high kickers!)

                 Love this one too!

READINGoh how I love a good book.  My son asked for a KINDLE  FIRE for Christmas (and got it) and has tried to convince me I need one too.  But I just love the feel of a great book in my hand and the anticipation of turning each page.  Right now I'm reading THE  HELP.

I love to organize.  Give me a messy closet and I'll have it cleaned out, sorted, and labeled in a skinny minute.  This week while my sweet hubby was out of town I organized every drawer in his office…and prayed he wouldn't kill me when he got home.  (He didn'tJ)

Teddy  Bears...for years I collected these adorable little characters.  Finally had to stop as my collection was getting a tad LARGE and I was running out of room.  Students usually added to my stash every year at Christmas or the end of the year.  I have been known to hear more than a few whisper to me "take me home." 
T E A C H I N G…it's part of my DNA…what I truly believe God put me on this earth for.  I spent 31 ½ years in my own classroom, have taught Sunday School to several different age groups, and now supervise and teach student teachers and sometimes mentor beginning teachers.  Teachers are underappreciated but those of us who do it for the love of the children and the love of teaching find it a privilege to do our work each day. 

And, of course,…….

B L O G G I N Gonce again, it's an ADDICTION…but one I hope not to overcome any time soonJ 

So….what are some of your favorite things?


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself. You have a few of my fav things on your list..well, mostly the book reading. I too love to hold a good book, smell those pages, see it on my bookshelf and smile! I loved the HELP enjoy! Oh, and blogging...that has been the best surprise for me to find so many cool people out here in blog land..people like you who love their jobs and make a difference in kids lives..have a good weekend!

  2. Oh we are so much alike:) I still love to hold a book in my hands! I have also decided to stay away from the Kindles etc.

    Dancing With the STARS is also one of my favorites! I just looked to see when it was coming back on but of course we won't know for a while who the Stars will be!

    Organizing has been my project since the first of the year and I am steady working at getting it finished!

    Amazon has provided me with lots of gifts and necessities like one of the cords that blew out in the storm! NEXT DAY delivery... had to pay for that delivery but I needed the cord!

    Pinterest... haven't been there! I keep thinking about it but do I really need anything else to put my face at the computer:)

    Have a blessed day my friend and stay safe thru these storms! HUGS!

  3. Cheri, It is soooo good to see you posting again...hmmmm, Pinterest. Now we know where you've been during the past few months!!!

  4. Hi Cheri,
    I LOVED THIS POST! What a great idea, I may have to borrow if you don't mind! I am liking Pinterest a lot may have to find you on there.
    Organizing stuff like desks is not my cup of tea, wish you were closer! lol!
    One of my favorite things/people are babies! I am so in love with my grandbabies but I love all babies!
    And teaching is my hubby's passion and he is so good at it! And your right, it's a calling and this is his 31st year of teaching and he will probably go 1 or 2 more. He's 53 so he will have to find another job when he's done. He is amazing at it and I bet you were amazing as a teacher too!
    Hugs friend,

  5. If I did a post like this it would be far too long. I love my Kindle for the reasons you probably do not. NO dusty books to store or try to give away, or store.

    I read THE HELP on it and also have watched the DVD borrowed from my friend. I also read WATER FOR ELEPHANTS which made a movie. Too much foul language and sexuallly explicit language for my old eyes.

    I am re-reading a lot of classics which are cheap. All the works of Dickens were less than $10. I read a TALE OF TWO CITIES because I see how a nation can become just like France when mob mentality, albeit sometimes deserved replaces the rule of law. It is a fine line we walk between two much law, and common sense law; also political correctness can be imposed as a stifling rule if carried to the inth degree.

  6. Hi Cheri! I drift away from blogging from time to time but love it when I work up a post! I think I love to visit more than blog..and you are right..we do tend to find ourselves competing and we shouldn't.
    I CAN'T compete. :) I have a terrible camera that I struggle with and just got another that isn't all that much better but it was free with points from a credit card. :) It was buy or lose my points, so I bought. It works..and it has more Mg. Pixels. or whatever..


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