Friday, July 15, 2011


It’s been about a month since my last blog post…can’t believe it’s been that long!  It’s been a busy summer with lots of grandmother duties plus I just haven’t had anything interesting to write about!  I’m sure I’ve lost some of my followers by now but hopefully a few friends will drop by to visit.

It’s not been a great summer.  Two of my best friends fell (in separate accidents) and each broke a leg.  A third friend fell and scraped herself all up…all three fell in June.  I’m beginning to think it’s bad luck to be my friend!

I am now in line for a root canal and I fear dentists like the plague.

 Plus the weather here has been hotter than a cat in heat and drier than a thirsty camel. 

Anyway….here are a few pictures to share.  Hopefully soon I’ll have something more exciting to write about!

Yes, this is our grandson!  It was WACKY WEDNESDAY at Soccer Camp!

Granddaughter M loves to color, paint, & draw.  She really has become a budding artist.  Give her a box of crayons and she's happy for the day!

Fun with AlkaSeltzer!
Put a little warm water in a film canister (Fuji works best); add 1/4 to 1/3 of an AlkaSeltzer.  Quickly replace top, turn upside down, & place on ground.  Wait a few seconds....and it shoots into the air.  Tons of fun for very little money:)  Grandson R loved this!

Dress Up Day!
Magician in training!
This was his wizard outfit.

Recent projects...I love bird cages.
Yes, I do have a life outside of grandkids...well, sort of!

I’ve really missed blogging, both writing them and reading them.  I hope to be able to give it more time soon.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and that all is well with everyone you love.


  1. Oh I have been missing you. I posted on your birthday over at Morning Glories!!
    I hate going to the dentist also..I have to be put to sleep for any is too much on me!!
    Love all the cute and fun things you do with the area fun grandma!!
    Take care..and I am sure the broken legs aren't your fault...remind me not to visit you next

    Hugs and welcome home..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I'm glad you're back! Summer is a busy time and spending it with Grandkiddos is a great thing. Thanks for the fun activity tip! Don't worry about the dentist..I've had a few of those and it doesn't hurt...modern medicine and all! Have a fun weekend! Love the birdcages too BTW.

  3. Hi Cheri,
    Well dear, I know how Grandmother duties can consume us! Hear I am blogging at 2:00 a.m.!
    You have darling grandkids and lots of neat ideas to keep them busy!
    I've had root canals and their not fun but last time I went to a endodontist and it was almost easy. They've have come a long way with the ultrasound and such.
    Hey that hot weather is heading our way. We have heat advisories from Sunday to Wed. and we don't get that too often in Wisc. Heat index of like 110! Yikes!
    your kitchen looks so pretty and I have found that lots of people like to read just everyday things!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hi there dear friend, it is great to hear what you have been up to! Grandkids keep us hopping, don't they! Love seeing those sweet faces!

    Poor friends of yours, breaking limbs! Watch where you walk:)

    Have a blessed day, stay cool and enjoy whatever you do:) HUGS!

  5. We have got to try that alka-seltzer thing - Eli was so proud of himself the other day lined up July 4th "poppers" hoping someone would run over them - he would love this idea. Glad to hear from you! Good luck with the dentist thing - I have to be brave now - my little sister is a dentist!


  6. Well my friend, you take your time, enjoy your family and when you get a second, just pop in and say hi. Everyone knows that sometimes blogging just has to be put on the back burner. Life sometimes has more pressing matters. Grandkids would be one of them and by the looks of your pictures, you are having WWWAAAYYYYYYY too much fun with them.
    :) Hugs! karen

  7. Hi Honey!!!

    Sounds like your priorities have been right where they should be - those sweet grandbabies! They are just precious!

    Root Canal. One word. GAS! I had one - scared to death - they gave me the little gas mask and from that point forward - I didn't care what they did. I can honestly say the most painful part after that was paying the bill!

  8. The heat leaves me so lethargic writing or anything less than a stupor is an huge effort.

    Other than renovating our yard,I have had little to write about but a trip in September stimilated me a tad as It is a but unusual.

    It is Moroccan Reunion for persons in the military or civilian government who ever lived in Morocco. This Association which has existed for 13 years without our knowledge, has a list of 1500 names.

    Am hoping my health holds up.\ so we don't have to cancel.

  9. Love the Alka Seltzer idea. Our son (now 20) used to make homemade "firework bombs" with 2 liter plastic pop bottles, tin foil, and toilet bowl cleaner. This sounds like a much safer version for the grandkids. We'll be trying it out on their next visit.

  10. School should be starting soon so I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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