Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Neck of the Woods

Nothing much is going on in my neck of the woods; therefore, there’s nothing interesting to blog about.  So I’m sharing recent photos, just to let you know I’m still in the Blogging World! 

Wildlife seen in our yard recently…..

These frogs live under our deck umbrella!

We can watch this baby bird right outside our kitchen window:)

Easter pictures of the grands….

Grandson's Ballgames....his team beat an undefeated team last night!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


  1. Those are great pics Cheri! And it looks like a lot is going on in your life. You sure have cute grandkids and boy do I love seeing a little girl wearing shorts! Our weather has been so crappy I might not see that here.
    Hugs friend,

  2. Fun post, Cheri! Your grandkids are so cute! Looks like lots of "life" happening at your place!

  3. It is always great to hear from you:) I love all of the critter pictures, that sweet little bird is too cute!

    Your Grandchildren are precious in their Easter Frocks! And the Grandson playing ball... well, you know I love watching that!

    Have a blessed day dear Cheri, HUGS!

  4. What cuties! I know you are proud of those grands! Aren't they wonderful? Seeing the baby bird reminds me of when my children were young. A mother bird had made her nest in our grill and we got to watch the eggs hatch and then fly the nest. It was a good lesson for my children. I had not thought of that in a very long time. Thanks for bringing back a precious memory!

  5. Hi friend! Love all the granchildren pics.It looks like ya'll had fun and great weather!!

    Love all the little creatures at your place.
    I am so glad you were spared all the bad weather in the past week or so.

    Hugs and squeezes..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. With all the crazy happenings in the world, it's nice to be able to have nothing major going on. But it's even nicer to have beautiful grandkiddos to blog about and nature that always brings a smile to our face. Thanks for sharing and letting us enjoy your day!

  7. I just love those little green tree frogs! I had a lot of them when I was living in St. Mary's. They'd gather on my bedroom window at night to eat the bugs the light attracted. Gotta love anything that eats the bugs!

    Your granddaughter looks SO cute in her pink outfit, what a girly girl she is and, of course, your grandson is so handsome!

    Glad to see that all is calm in your neck of the woods, with all that crazy weather, I worry all the time about friends and family in Georgia.


  8. Great looking grands...aren't they so much fun.
    I feel very blessed indeed to have mine all live close to me. :))
    xo bj

  9. Hi Cheri,
    Yep, we are in the same boat....nothing new to blog about. But, I love seeing your photos. Your grandkids are so cute and I love seeing photos of the wildlife around your home.


  10. What do you MEAN there's nothing going on in your neck of the woods? OMG....you have so much to see and enjoy and do! I love your precious animal buddies and as well as the darling photos of your sweet grands!! How awesome to be surrounded by such joy!!

    Hope the weather is great where you are....it's been a terrific day in our area!!



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