Sunday, December 26, 2010

W H E W !!!

*2nd attempt...this time with photos:)

You mean it's over???  No way!  You mean all that planning, decorating, shopping, cooking, shopping, wrapping, shopping, visiting, cleaning, and unwrapping that took me weeks to accomplish ended in one day????  Doesn't seem possible.

For the 40 years that my husband and I have been married we've spent our Christmas on the road.  We always pack up on Christmas Eve and drive about an hour and a half to my mother's to celebrate with my large family.  We return home that night, get up early Christmas morning to prepare for my son's family coming over for breakfast.  Then we open gifts (in a flurry of paper & ribbons & squeals of delight).  We quickly clean up the trash, get dressed, and head back to our previous day's destination, driving another hour and a half to have Christmas with hubby's family.  Then we drive back home to collapse on the sofa until we have to force ourselves up and off to bed!   Whew!!!  I'm exhausted!

But all the planning, all the spending, all the everything is worth it to see this....

and this....

My cute DIL with a new addition for her nutcracker collection

Papa & Grandson R checking out the new Spy Watch

Son T with the grands and their stockings

and this...

His first "real" gun...yes, we are a hunting family!

Miss Pink-alicious

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.  I plan to spend the next 24 hours doing absolutely NOTHING.


  1. I much work for a month...or monthsand then it's all over! Like planning for a wedding...a little letdown afterward. For me this year I had no letdown, just relief that it was over. Seeme like I had no time to get it all done. My hubby was inthe the hospital 2x in 2 months, his parents need help, I help babysit my grandbaby:) when not working ~so busy!!! Your Christmas looked so beautiful and your grandchildren look happy...that is a great Christmas!!!

  2. It IS worth it, isn't it? It's great to be with family! And I'm tired, too!

  3. Thanks Mama! It was a great Christmas! D and the kids really enjoyed everything that you gave them. I really like my stuff too!! I love you!

  4. In our mid 70s, we have devoted our Christmas $$$ for two years now to church supported families. Our Life Group along with several other groups obtain names from schools of families truly in need.

    We buy for the children. My husband and I provide a fully cooked boxed 6-8 servings Xmas dinner from a local grocery chain for each family in our group--5 this year and one for ourselves which HUBBY cooked!

    Sunday we were informed, we had served 88 children with toys and clothing apparel, as well as some foods to the tune of $7000 which is out of each individual in a group, not the church's benovolence fund. we also served some plates around our neighborhood.

    For our age and state of health and no children, we are content as we need little. We buy ourselves each one gift-no questions asked, and sometimes not necessarily at Xmas. I boughta Kindle when I went to Arkaansas Heart Hospital because there was no WIFI for my laptop. I love it and called it XMAS. I am currently reading Jane Eyre.

  5. We are so glad you travel to see us! We love spending the day with you!

  6. Cheri!! NO! Stop! I am exhausted just reading this! :) day it will all come to an enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

    I still get up and dash about putting things together and getting them intot the car..but the trip is now just across town as my parents have both passed on. The husband I did all that with for all those 43 now gone.

    Please enjoy...collapse into bed with a contented smile on your face every single year! :)

    I am so glad you liked the doll. The dress was just too much for me to pass up. She did not come in it.

    And...yes..HEAVY sigh* it's all over for another year. Wasn't it just wonderful.
    Your family is just beautiful!

  7. Yes, I agree, all the preparation is worth it when you have sweet rewards from your family's faces. BUT, I also agree that it is exhausting, I hope you did spend at least 24 hours doing nothing! I know I've been in bed for days now nursing this darn cold.

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my nephew's service, it is so great to have him home for a while.

    Let's hear it for 2011, I hope it holds a better year for all us!



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